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Am I Required to Give A Recorded Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?


You’ve been in a car accident. You’ve hopefully gone to a medical provider to be checked out for injuries, your car may have damage, and overall, the situation is stressful. 

Now the insurance company for the other driver has contacted you, asking for information about the accident.  Most people are nice and want to comply with requests to provide information about what happened.  But are you required to give them information and a recorded statement?

There is no requirement to give a recorded statement

The short answer is no.  Under Florida law, you are under no obligation to give a recorded statement to—or even speak with—the insurance company for the other driver.  You owe no obligation to them.

Remember that insurance adjusters are looking out for insurance companies

Not only are you not required to give a recorded statement, but it is also a bad idea to do so.  Although wanting to be helpful and provide information is understandable, you should always remember to avoid giving any statement, oral or written, to any insurance company until you have had the opportunity to consult with your car accident attorney. You don’t want any act of politeness to harm your claim for possible recovery.

Their job is to reduce the amount of payment for damages on any claims. Part of this process for them is securing statements from those involved in the accident. If you participate in offering a statement, many of the questions asked may be designed to weaken your ability to recover any damages or payments for medical bills.

Remember that your lawyer is looking out for you

Your car accident attorney looks out for your best interest. Consult with them and follow their lead and instruction. They have your best interest and outcome in mind.

What should I say if I get approached for a statement after the accident?

Fight the urge to be polite and advise the adjuster that you are working with your attorney and will get back to them. If your car accident attorney advises that you can provide a statement, then you can always get back in touch with the adjuster. 

Keep in mind that once you make a statement it is irreversible. You cannot take it back. By consulting with your car accident attorney first, you will always be protecting yourself and your best interest. You lawyer is always there to help you.

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