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Boating Safety Tips

boating safety

As summer and vacation months approach, more and more people are taking to the water for fun. In Florida, this is a year-round activity. Regardless of where you live, however, boating safety should always be at the top of your mind when heading out to the water.

Below are some simple tips to keep in mind that will help to keep your boating experience fun and safe.

Take a boating course. Both new and experienced boaters can benefit from learning (or getting a refresher) when it comes to maritime rules for boaters. It is a boater’s responsibility to be familiar and aware of them.

Understand nautical rules.  The rules include proper passing and no wake procedures. Knowledge of buoys and navigational aids is important along with an understanding of and respect for behavior and etiquette in marinas.

Avoid alcohol. It is illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated. Designate a sober skipper who will ensure safe operation of the vessel. Enjoying fun time on the water is a goal for most boaters and doing it safely and sober is important.

Use common sense. Operate at safe speeds at all times. Make sure all passengers on the boat are wearing proper life jackets that fit appropriately accordingly to their age and weight. If guests are swimming or active in the water, they should be aware of and stay clear of the engine and propeller area of the vessel.

Unfortunately, boating accidents do occasionally happen. If you find yourself involved in a boating accident it is important to seek legal advice sooner rather than later. Whether the circumstances around the accident are related to the negligence of others, boating under the influence or reckless and careless operation, we can assist with your case. 

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