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Why We Are Different

We do things differently at Slater | Grant compared to most other law firms. Here are the top 5 ways:

We do things differently at Slater | Grant
compared to most other law firms.

  • Treating you like family is our #1 priority.

    Responsiveness, communication, and personal attention is what sets us apart.

    Some law firms take pride in their hundreds or thousands of cases, numerous employees in call centers, and offices all over the state and country. At Slater | Grant, we maintain a relatively small case load of strong cases. This allows us to provide excellent customer service, respond promptly to your questions, keep you updated on your case, and give you the attention you deserve. We treat you like family, not a number.

  • We’re real attorneys who go to trial.

    We’re not just a face on a billboard with “armies” of staff. Our partners actually work on your case and will take it to trial when necessary.

    Some law firms rely on non-lawyer case managers or paralegals to do most of the work, and rarely have their lawyers meet or even speak with their clients. Getting feedback or questions answered by a lawyer at these firms is often difficult. At Slater | Grant, your case is handled by lawyers, and you are easily able to communicate directly with our lawyers.

    And if it becomes necessary to take the case to trial, the lawyers you met at the beginning and have talked to during the case are the ones who will be trying the case for you.

  • Millions recovered for our clients.

    We know how to get the results you deserve; we’ve done it before.

    Some law firms look for the first opportunity to settle a case, so they can move on to the next one. At Slater | Grant, we focus on the specifics of your case and your situation and advocate for a resolution that fairly values the damages you have suffered. We will not hesitate to try a case if that is the best option for your case, yet we are skilled at negotiating favorable settlements for our clients so they can get back to their lives, families, and work.

    This approach has allowed us to achieve excellent results for our clients.

  • Big firm experience; small firm attention and care

    Experienced enough to handle the most complex cases, but small enough to give you the attention you deserve.

    Some law firms haven’t handled large or complex cases or been in the trenches with the “big firms” while defending corporations and insurance companies. But at Slater | Grant, our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience in handling serious personal injury, wrongful death, and other complex legal disputes, including dozens of large, multi-million dollar cases. Our partners spent over two decades at large Florida law firms, where they received the highest level of training and experience the profession has to offer. We bring that experience to our clients’ cases, but with the personal attention and care of a small firm.

  • Genuine and professional, with no nonsense.

    No tacky slogans. No puffing about how “aggressive” we’ll be. Just authentic, award-winning trial attorneys who are well-respected by their peers and the community.

    Some law firms are focused more on their advertising and catchy commercials than servicing their clients professionally and efficiently. At Slater | Grant, you will get to work with genuine, hard-working people who are upfront and honest with you about your case, how the process works, and what to expect. We pride ourselves on strong advocacy for our clients, tempered by professionalism and a common-sense approach to resolving cases. We believe this approach gains our firm respect from opposing lawyers and insurance companies, which ultimately benefits our clients.

How The Process Works At Slater | Grant

  • Gather

    At the beginning, we gather information from you about the accident and your injuries. We then gather documents and records from medical providers, insurance companies, the police, and others.

  • Investigate and Analyze

    We then investigate and analyze your claim deeper, reviewing new medical information as you get treatment and procedures, interviewing witnesses, potentially hiring investigators and reviewing surveillance, and taking other steps to help us evaluate the value of your claim.

  • Attempt Settlement

    Our attorneys then talk to you about the value of your claim and prepare a written demand to the at-fault person or company and their insurance company, requesting that they pay you money. If appropriate, we will negotiate with them and attempt to settle your claim for an amount that fairly compensates you so you can recover and move on with life.

  • Go to Court

    If the defense is unwilling to pay what you deserve, we will file a lawsuit and take your case to trial. Along the way, we talk with the defense lawyers about settlement to see if their clients are willing to pay you to fairly compensate you for your injuries.

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