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Slater | Grant’s Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety

Summer is known for being full of fun memories and silly adventures at the playground, in the pool, and under the sunshine with friends and family. But summer and summertime activities can also be dangerous, especially in the Florida heat and during a pandemic.


Slater | Grant has compiled some tips regarding summer safety, so that you can go on enjoying the season in all the best ways.


At the Playground

  • Keep 6ft away from others to maintain social distancing
  • If the playground is full, consider returning at a different time or day
  • Wear a face covering and wash hands after playing
  • Check all play apparatuses that may be too hot from the sun
  • Provide adult supervision at all times and be aware of any protruding hardware or broken equipment
  • Throw all clothes into the wash and bathe child to halt the spread of germs upon returning home


At the Pool or Beach

  • Wear face coverings while on land and do your best to maintain social distancing
  • Do not share goggles, snorkels, or other personal items
  • Provide adult supervision to all children and those who may not be strong swimmers
  • Flip plastic and inflatable pools upside down while not in use to keep children from falling into rainwater buildup
  • Make sure safety equipment such as life jackets, floaties, pool noodles, etc are available


And in all situations, please stay home if you are sick.

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